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  • 91 Days

    91 Days


    Classic tale of revenge set against prohibition America. Starts slow, but picks up after a few episodes, with a kind of Peaky Blinders vibe. Fantastic final two episodes

  • Banana Fish

    Banana Fish


    watching this pretty much felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest, stomped on, and set on fire, cried more violently than I have in my entire life

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  • Murder by Numbers

    Murder by Numbers


    Comparable to drinking a glass of milk that’s been sat out for six hours; whilst it isn’t awful, it’s still not very nice, and smells slightly of cheese

  • Aquaman



    Absolute cheese-fest, feels more akin to the superhero movies of the early 2000’s. Could be appropriate to call it an animated movie for the total dependency on CG which looks so goofy for the majority of the run-time. Let’s just say the underwater hair-physics was very distracting.
     And that scene where young Arthur is training on the beach with Dafoe and he says “Are you saying they executed her?”- made me giggle every time, so I’ll give it that at least.