Inferno ★½

Over three films and a whole decade, it's hard to think of another franchise that has thrown more good after bad than this one. Although it's undoubtedly the best of a cryptic triptych that's destined only for the DVD bargain bin, this is still a waste of time for Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Hans Zimmer and all of the other newcomers who have been ensnared for this go around.

From Langdon forgetting what coffee is called to Langdon merrily going with the police to watch an incriminating security video of himself, this is the silliest of the three, but at least it's also the shortest. These films and the Dan Brown books on which they are based, are probably single-handedly responsible for the recent removal of classics and art history from the curriculum- on the evidence of this, it's all absolute bollocks.

On a personal note, I think it's a tragedy that Hanks has played Langdon three times when he could have been making a David Pumpkins trilogy...