Kong: Skull Island ★★★

The furthest thing from Godzilla 2014, and no, that's not necessarily a good thing - here it's yet another muddled IP workout from Warners. I'm fine with dumb fun and it's bold for a movie to treat 'Nam as Indiana Jones movies treat WW2, but this film sets its plate for some really interesting character stuff amidst the monster mayhem but then, to paraphrase Samuel L Jackson's stubborn veteran - it doesn't lose those threads, it abandons them.

It hits a lot of the right notes in the wrong order, wasting actors with promising characters (you don't do John Goodman like that, movie) and pacing things all wrong, but the sheer force of Jordan Vogt-Roberts' personality and sense of humour brings this up a notch. A frustrating creature feature that not only could have been much more, but clearly wanted to be too. Kong may kill us, but he cannot make us care.

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