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  • Let the Corpses Tan

    Let the Corpses Tan

    Hard to rate this one, as this is clearly made for the sake of being super artsy and super stylish. Works great for most of the part, but the creative force of Cattet and Forzani reach its limitations in about half of the running time, and after that I started to get bored. Strangely enough, this one may be compared to, let's say "Dunkirk" or "Gravity" - after the first bang there is nothing much left to grab your attention,…

  • Upgrade



    An enjoyable Death Wish/Videodrome/Ex Machina clone with some nicely done ass kicking. Looks better than its budget suggests. Biggest fault is that you can basically guess the mystery about 5 minutes in the film, but I am not sure if that really matters here.

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  • The Chronicles of Melanie

    The Chronicles of Melanie


    Iespējams, ņemot vērā lielās ekspektācijas, vērtējums ir maķenīt zemāks nekā pienākas, tomēr jāskatās patiesībai acīs. Laiks, kad varēja priecāties par to vien, ka latviešu filma izskatās un skan kā īsta filma, jau sen ir garām. Tas pats attiecībā uz tematiku - par tautas ciešanu epizodēm kinematogrāfisku refleksiju netrūkst, kur nu vēl par deportācijām, galu galā Dzintra Geka ar to nodarbojas dokumentālajā kino jau desmitiem gadu... Tāpēc nekritiski priecāties vienkārši par faktu, ka ir uzņemts vizuāli pievilcīgs un depresīvs vēsturisks komikss,…

  • The Square

    The Square


    I had a good time, but must admit that Ostlund's intentions are frequently overshadowed by obvious self-indulgence. For me that is the biggest risk this film takes - it kinda wants to make fun of the paradigm it clearly belongs to itself. There are other problems as well, mainly with the storyline, but if you look at this work as a collection of vignettes, then it is ok and even makes sense in the context of its themes. But - damn - it felt so contemporary and was constantly funny, so definetely is must see for everyone seeking the common sense in our crazy world.