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  • On Dangerous Ground

    On Dangerous Ground


    Such a delicious, tragic and well-crafted character study and morality tale. Starts out as a gritty hard-boiled noir, but effectively switches gears midway through, introducing high melodrama, romanticism and a tense manhunt as our angry, hard-nosed lead character tries to find redemption in a small snowy mountain village after having been worn down for years in the city by working as a cop. Ryan delivers a great multi-layered performance that fits well with the shifting tone, but Lupino pretty much…

  • Blue Collar

    Blue Collar


    It's funny, entertaining, but also angry, tense and painfully realistic. Really a powerhouse of a film about three down on their luck workers trying to blackmail their union in order to escape a pressured everyday with unpaid bills. Keitel, Kotto and Pryor are all brilliant in their respective roles, very humane and powerful performances, especially Pryor whose charisma shines through and effortlessly combines wit and intensity. Somebody fix his damn locker. These performances are what mainly drives the film, but Schrader's control over different tones and excellent writing should be noted as well. Really impressive debut.

    shit poster though

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  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    So, I’ve finally seen this hugely influential and essential classic. What can I possibly say? It’s Citizen Kane! But oh yes, it's terrific. It's quite an intimidating fact that Welles starred in, wrote, produced and directed probably the most influential film of all time at an age of 25. Well, I still have a few years to accomplish something like that.


    Tomorrow I’m leaving for 2 months as I’m travelling to Southeast Asia with a buddy. So no…

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    I'm back, fellow letterboxders!
    Had a wonderful time in SA. A damn magical place. Some of the best months of my life. Miss it already, but also glad to be back home. One thing I certainly missed was watching good films. Recently I've been dying to rewatch Phantom Thread haha. Damn it's good...

    and heeyy, thank you so much for 800 followers man, don't deserve that at all