All That Heaven Allows ★★★★½

Part of the Film School Dropouts Challenge
Week 23: Douglas Sirk

A gorgeously looking and deliciously melodramatic classic that plays out as a rather straight-forward cheesy, romantic melodrama, but also deliver potent social commentary that is still relevant today, as Ron shows Cary there's more to life than status, gossip, social conformity and the shallow high-class life. The vibrant, lush Technicolor is so pleasing to look at with the autumn color palette, the cinematography with its use of color is particularly brilliant, and Jane Wyman delivers a great performance of quiet melancholy and conflict. My favorite shot was the one of Cary looking at her reflection in her new television, realizing what her life has come to. It has some issues, but overall its too charming and wonderful not to love and be enchanted by.

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