F for Fake ★★★★

Part of the Film School Dropouts Challenge
Week 12: Orson Welles

A little magic trick of a film that lost me at certain points and much probably went over my head, but for the most parts its a wildly engaging and entertaining experience. F For Fake is a clever and fascinating documentary essay about fraud, authorship, human gullibility and also serves as a critique of documentaries itself, and shows how easy anything or anyone can get manipulated. The innovative structure and brisk editing is really what makes this so interesting, and I loved both the opening and ending. I could listen to Orson Welles narrate just about anything all day, there's just something really powerful and commanding in his voice. And of course, in his filmmaking abilities, he commands and manipulates the screen with such brilliance. A great film ahead of its time that i'm sure will be even greater on a rewatch.

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