Nostalgia ★★★★½

Part of the Film School Dropouts Challenge
Week 36: Andrei Tarkovsky

Pretty much ticks all the boxes of a trademark Tarkovsky film with its non-linear structure, dream sequences, the use of texture, its atmosphere, the long takes and slow zooms, deliberate pacing, and absolutely stunning, painterly imagery. His effective use of silence amazes me every time, and that ability is clearly evident in this film. Nostalghia is an exploration of faith, belonging and nostalgia that may be his least interesting, at least for me, but its nevertheless a film that feels personal and a gorgeous, haunting, emotionally raw, and pure piece of cinema. The famous, tense 9-minute lit candle scene and that last shot were stunning, but my personal favorite was the breathtaking scene with Domenico's speech. The fact that this is, in my opinion, the weakest Tarkovsky film i've seen so far is a testament to his incredible body of work and his otherworldly, overwhelming abilities as a filmmaker.

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