Paper Moon ★★★★½

While The Last Picture Show probably is one of the saddest films I have seen, Paper Moon probably is one of the most charming. Yet, the bleak Depression-stricken setting, and the honest depiction of it, provides an underlying sadness, desperation and authenticity. Our two central characters is just extraordinarily enthralling to watch, their interplay and chemistry, charisma, and the natural development and dynamics of this relationship is the heart and soul of the film. It's only when these two are not together the film looses a bit of steam. But anyway, strong credits to Bogdanovich's craftsmanship, this is simple yet exquisite filmmaking. And talk about a perfect last shot. If you don't grin like an idiot at least 5 times during this film and finish it with a big fat smile, I don't believe you. It's so bittersweet and funny, utterly entertaining, melancholic and moving. A beautiful ride. I need to watch some more Bogdanovich films it seems...

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