Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★½

5 Directors x 5 Unseen Films – Round 3
Director Count: #1 of 5
Challenge Count: #1 of 25

Hahaha that was so insane. Phantom of the Paradise is a creepy, amusing, flamboyant and tragic horror rock musical drama that mixes genres and has one of the most insane plots i've seen. It's campy and such a throughly entertaining film that also manages to be a great satire of the music industry. Paul Williams makes a super sleazy villain, Beef is hilarious and Paul Finley is pretty much perfect as The Phantom. There's plenty of great songs in this film and De Palma's direction makes all the weird elements work so damn well. It's heavily stylized and all the stylistic choices are super cool, especially the split-screen bomb scene. All its weirdness was really creepy and made me feel uneasy, but it also contained this feeling of fun and sadness throughout. This film fuckin' rocks!

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