The Phantom Carriage

The Phantom Carriage ★★★★★

The Phantom Carriage is not so much a horror film, but more a dark almost otherworldly and atmospheric fairy tale of life and death and morality. Certainly a visual marvel: From the sets and costumes, the score by Matti Bye, Victor Sjöström's expressive face, the interesting narrative structure told mostly in flashbacks, the use of double exposure, its all utterly sublime and goes perfectly hand-in-hand to create this magnificent work of art. Beneath its dreamy and eerie surface there's a humanist tone and quite many scenes pulls at the heartstrings, especially Sjöström's sad face evokes emotions. The film's influence on Ingmar Bergman is crystal clear, also cool to see where Kubrick got the famous axe-scene from. Its probably the best silent film I've seen so far, and quite certainly one of my new absolute favorites. Can't believe this was made in 1921.

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