Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★

My favorite, and probably one of the best ever coming-of-age and roadtrip film, Y tu mamá también is an incredible film bursting with life, beauty, sex, energy, and humor. It's maybe at first glance a sort of goofy and funny roadtrip film with two horny friends on an adventure, but it has an underlying layer of social commentary, friendship, loss and death. The cinematography from Lubezki is gorgeous as always, the acting and character development is great, the use of narration is outstanding, and the dialogue just feels real. I loved the direction by Cuaron, many of the floating, sweeping handheld tracking shots were just amazing, and I love how the camera moves around and displays the settings and events around them. And that closing line is pretty devastating... Y tu mamá también is a pure, poignant and beautiful ride about life that feels real and raw.

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