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    Does it make sense to say this film lets down Mia Goth’s character? Feels like a covid lockdown story that Ti came up with some stuff around the edges that makes her convincing enough. Do slashers require us to feel empathetic towards the killer (Goth)’s motives though? 

    Very confounded on this one. While there’s some soaring scenes, it lacks a cohesion that I felt made my experience with X a pain to experience.

  • Do Revenge

    Do Revenge

    This feels like queerbait and the queer romance never takes a central focus in the narrative, it’s so insanely backseated—and the conflict is so flippity-fuck that there is never moral conclusions here. It makes so many aggravating decisions repeatedly and for the record Drea and Eleanor’s “friendship” was so riddled with tension and they never follow through with it??? Surely that was the actors’ natural chemistry. 

    For the record, Sophie Turner was a welcome surprise in this- loved her over the top cameo.

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