Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service

Miyazaki's a master of creating beautiful pictures that blend reality as we know it and the fantastical and ethereal magic only he can come up with. Here, he found the most cruel way of joining those two things to personally attack us.

Kiki's Delivery Service feels as real as it can because it's about the longing that we all have to find that magic around us and inside us. It is about the very real feeling of terror of losing that magic once you've found it.

Kiki's quest is as much about finding herself than it is about embracing the fact she has to lose who she is in order to piece everything together for who she will become. We've all felt like her at some point, detaching from the people you used to be excited to talk to, not being able to put sentences together, forgetting why you wanted to write those sentences in the first place. It saddens me I'm saying this movie made me think about all these sad things because it is one of the most wholesome movies you could ever see. It feels like a warm, cozy hug that sometimes gets interrupted by a big slap in the face when it gets too real.

Don't miss this whimsical movie if you haven't seen it. It'll melt your heart.

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