Vertigo ★★★★★

This is a film that, for me, needed a re-watch. I'm not sure if I believe this is Hitchcock's best film and I'm not sure if I believe this to be the best film of all time like others, but holy goddamn motherfuck if this is just an amazing film. There's so much in this film that lends itself to analysis and interpretation it's a definitive benchmark in cinematic art. The cinematography is amazing and the editing is equally as impressive , as displayed by the opening credits and the dream sequence. The incredible performances in this film just suck you right in and are very much believable and everything is wrapped up beautifully with a score that never quits. Though I still have a few issues with this film, such as that a few moments are a little too "cinematic" to be taken seriously and I still sort of wish they did a little more with Midge's character, I can definitely see more clearly why this film is as highly praised as it is.

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