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  • First Love

    First Love

    I entered the world of cinema through Visitor Q, without a doubt one of my favorite films, but movies like "Blade of Immortal" and "Laplace’s Witch" had made me forget why Takashi Miike was one of my favorite directors. Now with Hatsukoi I remember why Miike is one of the best Japanese directors ever.

  • Xiao Shan Going Home

    Xiao Shan Going Home

    I highly recommend take a look at this movie.

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  • Repression


    I love how the beginning of the film presents the place with so much poetry. Color and music play a very interesting role in the film, coexist without creating hierarchical relationships. Without a doubt, my favorite scene is the final part (when the music disappears)

  • Nostalgia


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    My 1000 film on letterboxd! : )

    Tarkovsky was interested in the inner world of his characters, so the story of 'Nostalgia' is so minimal: a Russian poet / writer travels to Italy to learn about the life of a Russian composer of the XVI century, accompanied by a translator. The writer will meet a hermit, a kind of saint and prophet, who will ask for a simple gesture of faith (crossing a pool with a lit candle). And that's…