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  • Brazil
  • Twin Peaks
  • The Social Network
  • Adaptation.

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  • Spirit of Ecstasy

    Spirit of Ecstasy


    enchanting watch. was lucky to watch the world premiere and sit in for the q&a afterwards at TIFF!! thanks Helen for the tickets <3
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  • Bottoms



    Good crowd, good soundtrack. Liked the action happening in the background. Watched it primarily for Nicholas Galitzine, but Ruby Cruz and Miles Fowler stole the show. Need Hazel on a new level previously unknown to man. Kaia Gerber was a nice addition. 
    The football game was my favourite scene. Some genre-mixing (not saying which ones) definitely took place. 

    Overall could’ve been better in terms of pacing, but still fun. Oh, and did I mention Hazel was hot?

Popular reviews

  • Louise



    the lighting was beautiful and the facial expressions were so on point(e). 
    really gets the message across about how dancers are constantly sexualised and commodified.

  • Thirteen



    First half: wow the mum is really chill!! They’re just going to the mall together and all that
    Second half: . . . Shit

    ⚠️tw: mention of sensitive topics + spoiler⚠️
    I thought the story would consist of petty, superficial teenage angst and rebellious acts etc, but halfway through I realised it was much more than that. There were some moments where I just couldn’t bear watching anymore, for example the scenes with Luke and the s*lf h*rm scenes. So…