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  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters


    Unruly and all over the place in terms of plot and pacing and like the 2014 incarnation, takes an eternity for the titular titan to make an initial appearance. However, unlike Gareth Edwards' po-faced predecessor, director Michael Dougherty, who has already delivered a couple of terrific, fun fright flicks in Trick 'R Treat and Krampus, seems to realise that a film of this nature should concentrate on giant, city-stomping behemoths beating seven shades out of each other at every possible…

  • The 13th Sign

    The 13th Sign


    Cheap and it has to be said, fairly amateurish debut feature from Adam Mason, who would go on to forge a fairly prolific career in low budget horror and B movie titles. This is chiefly notable for me personally as it's another indie British horror movie shot on locations I'm familiar with. Indeed much of the movie seems to have been filmed, possibly guerrilla-style, on the mean street(s) of erm...Kimbolton, a sleepy little village in rural Cambridgeshire. Almost certainly the most exciting thing to happen there since God was a lad.

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  • RoboCop



    Browsing through my 2013 diary here on Letterboxd it became apparent the vast majority of films I watched last year were either current or recent releases. To remedy this I decided to expand my viewing habits a bit more in 2014 by catching up with a few more vintage offerings, whether they be first-time watches or long overdue rewatches.
    So, to this end I decided to set myself a mini movie season each and every month throughout this year in…

  • The Raid 2

    The Raid 2


    2011's The Raid was lean, mean, lightning-paced, and carried absolutely zero baggage, it was a supercharged combination of visual flair and insane ultraviolence. So the decision to develop the story in this eagerly-awaited sequel to a far more expansive narrative based around an undercover infiltration of the underworld, and the duplicity and dealings of gangland politics and rivalry, was always going to deliver a different, far broader kind of film. As a result The Raid 2, weighing in at a…