After the Screaming Stops ★★★½

What no doubt set out to be a serious showcase of the trauma, trials and tribulations of (when will I be)famous for fifteen minutes 80's boyband Bros reuniting after nearly three decades for a sold-out UK tour, actually ends up as a bizarre mixture of unintentional hilarity, ridiculous recriminations, sibling rivalry and a surprising amount of genuinely poignant emotion.
But for all the powerful impact of the Goss brother's confessions of dealing with the loss of the limelight of their brief stratospheric glory years, or the heart-breaking deaths of their sister and mother, what this surprisingly compelling and candid documentary will go down in cult cinematic folklore for is its array of instant classic quotes and crazy cod philosophising from Matt and Luke themselves. Pitched somewhere between This Is Spinal Tap and Alan Partridge, how can you fail to be impressed by such deep, mind-bending insights as: “Everyone has to be on the same page otherwise you don’t get to turn the page. Because somebody gets left behind otherwise and then somebody has lost the page of the story which may be the key to the ending.” Or such stark admissions of childhood like: “We had one toy that we loved more than anything and that was a dart. We didn’t have a dart board that went along with it. We had a dart.” Although for me, my very favourite debate concerned another youthful activity, (Matt): “Please can we start a petition as Bros for this ridiculous thing where you can’t even play conkers, you have to wear goggles. That is the biggest problem…You can’t play conkers in England.”
(Luke): “I can live with that.”
Amen brother.