Ghostbusters ★★★

Well, now all the fuss has died down, it's possible to view this reboot / remake / sequel or whatever the hell it is, objectively and devoid of all the idiotic controversy, side-stepping the retarded misogyny / feminist / man-child agenda.
And lo and behold, it turns out this is actually perfectly ok. Not great, not terrible, but utterly undeserving of the moronic fanboy vitriol it generated. But then again, as we've witnessed so often this year, social media has spawned a generation of professional cry babies and seriously embarrassing unstable blockheads.
The strength of Ghostbusters 2016 is actually the interplay between the female foursome (and Chris Hemsworth's self-mocking turn as the girl's 'himbo' receptionist), it works best away from the big action setpeices and state of the art special effects sequences, when the cast just bounce off each other with free-flowing, quick-witted quips, ad-libs and character quirks.
Despite what you may have thought via the whining lunacy of intolerant nostalgia nerds, this actually shows a real reverence to the original movie with numerous cameos and in-joke references peppered throughout, perhaps even to the point of self-indulgence. So hardly groundbreaking then, nor indeed responsible for raping childhood memories, Ghostbusters 2016 vintage is a perfectly ok mainstream multiplex movie. No more, no less.