Krampus ★★★½

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That rarity, a theatrical festive themed horror movie. Based on an ancient european legend of an Anti-Santa, a demonic horned monster summoned to punish the naughty and miserable, this shares much of the freaky fairytale folkore of the wonderful Rare Exports. Throw in its comedic overtones and twisted Christmas spirit to evoke memories of Gremlins (possibly the last major studio Christmas creature feature?) and you've got a fun festive fright romp which strikes a satisfying balance between chuckles and chills.
It may not quite have Gremlins' biting black Christmas vibe (you tend to forget just how genuinely dark and malevolent Joe Dante's film actually was) but it's a refreshing departure from the usual sickeningly sentimental cinematic festive fare, albeit one which reminded me a lot of Charles Band 'B' movies like Puppetmaster, Demonic Toys and Gingerdead Man, but with a budget and a seasonal snowbound set.

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