La La Land

La La Land ★★½

The Missus dragged me to the cinema to watch this, which frankly did my horror film fan credibility no favours at all! Having said that I was a big admirer of director Damien Chazelle’s previous movie Whiplash, and whatever your particular persuasion, there’s no denying the attraction of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, so there was hope.
La La Land is an attempt to evoke golden age Hollywood glamour, as such it looks utterly exquisite, an impeccably presented slice of shimmering eye candy. Unfortunately it also happens to be a dull drama dressed to the nines, a bland approximation of classic cinema, which frankly skates on very thin ice when directly referencing, or even incorporating locations from Rebel Without A Cause for instance. The sprinkled stardust fails to settle on a clunky catalogue of clichés, with forgettable tunes and a chemistry between the two leads which strangely failed to spark. I’m really not sure why people are going ga ga for La La, it's absolutely nothing to make a song and dance about, but then again, you just watch it waltz away with a bundle of Academy Awards, it’s that kind of film.
By the way, Damien Chazelle really needs to stop trying to convince people jazz music is cool. Jazz is shit. Always has been. Always will be!

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