The Eyes of My Mother ★★★★

A minimalist, melancholic, monochrome nightmare. Beautifully shot in striking, luminous black and white, The Eyes Of My Mother is a surreal, shocking slice of pastoral American Gothic, with art house sensibilities, a reverence for the stylish euro horror of Jean Rollin and early Jess Franco, and a deeply disturbing, dreamlike ambience.
A twisted tale of isolation and insanity played out in three chapters – “Mother”, “Father”, and “Family”, all of which are laden with macabre and harrowing incident, here’s a film which slides between calmness and cruelty shifting in tone from Eraserhead like decay and deterioration to something akin to the gut-wrenching impact of Jack Ketchum’s bleakest prose, whilst book-ended by stark, sinister segments which (intentionally I presume) reference the brutal barbarity of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And yet, for all the familiar influences to be found here, The Eyes Of My Mother remains uniquely haunting and beautifully dark, simply one of the year’s most poetic and powerful horror movies.

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