WitchStars ★★★½

What we have here is essentially an updated, extended and re-edited version of writer/director Federico Sfascia’s earlier indie oddity, Alienween. A low budget love letter to 80’s inspired practical-effects laden splattery shockers, the benchmarks are cult classics like The Deadly Spawn, Night Of The Demons, early Sam Raimi / Peter Jackson and any number of gory, cut-price cash-ins from the golden age of Italian exploitation....all incidentally infested with a distinct Lovecraft vibe.
Utterly dismissive in its approach to logic or lucidity, WitchStars is a brazenly bonkers body-fluid flavoured cocktail of tentacled creatures from outer space, gruesome mutation, cat memes, hacksawed limbs, possessed pumpkin monsters, deviant slimy sex and a scene of double-edged eyeball trauma which would make dear old Lucio proud.
If you appreciated the self-referential messy nostalgia of films like The Void and The Demon’s Rook, then you’ll definitely get a sizeable kick out of this equally demented midnight movie madness.

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