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  • Ninja Terminator

    Ninja Terminator


    Total clusterfuck of a film, it got easier with time to tell which film each scene was taken from as it kind of became less coherent as it went on in a way I adored.

    Lots of ninjas, lots of kicking and punching the air. A bad ass middle aged ninja with a moustache and eyeliner who rescues his wife from crabs. He also has a Garfield phone.

    Absolute mess and also I want to give it 6 stars and watch it all over again, but the kids are back at school so I need to be awake early

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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall


    Near perfectly constructed and intelligent action sci-fi that is never dull and often funny. Not sure what I was thinking 6 years ago giving it 3 stars, excellent film.

  • Judex: Le pardon d'amour

    Judex: Le pardon d'amour

    There we are, the end. I'm counting this entry for both episode 12 and the epilogue. Almost everyone has a nice happy ending with friends and family around them. Kind of a dull way to end but possibly a crowd pleaser back then? And I'm happy for the licorice kid at least. Planning to write one final review on the serial as a whole, hopefully in the next few days.

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  • Celluloid Nightmares

    Celluloid Nightmares


    Revisiting another Satô film, always fun and disturbing. The title Re-Wind makes much more sense. I love the way he plays around with scenes appearing on screens within films and being recorded, kind of adds another level of degradation to what you're watching. It's seedy stuff no doubt but it's good high quality sleaze that unsettles and fascinates.

    Satô's sex scenes are both erotic and disturbing, they don't feel like ordinary pornography. This film is far more voyeuristic, the lighting…

  • Acera, or the Witches' Dance

    Acera, or the Witches' Dance


    progressive little bastards