Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust

I'm not sure what to think, this is my third Italian cannibal film in a row. Part of me wants to keep watching them but I don't think my heart and stomach can take it. The following review does delve into my emotional state as well as my feelings on the film. I need to let things out.

This is the peak so far, of abhorrent human behaviour and hate. Not of the tribes people, but of the people who made this film. So much has been said about that, there's not a whole lot of point of repeating it poorly. The animal cruelty is fucked up and the way the filmmakers treated the native people seems worse. I had to skip through the final rape scene, I couldn't take it. I've seen so much of that in various Japanese films but it's never this upsetting and the people involved have a better understanding of what's going on. It was satisfying the way the film ended. A brutal end for brutal bastards.

But then the film has these strange moments of beauty that mess with my head, mostly when that ethereal score takes over. I don't know how something so ugly and hateful can contain moments that leave me breathless. Maybe that's just true to real life. More and more I find myself hating the world, as much of a moody teenager I was I never really went through that phase. I wish I could escape from it. Cannibal Holocaust makes me confront so much of what I hate. It doesn't make me happy but I got something out of watching it.

My feelings on hating the world come out of love anyway, I love the people I'm close to so much I wish we could all exist on some other peaceful planet or in another better dimension. I worry about the sadness that inevitably awaits for my children.

I'm not doing well this week, hence the cannibal films. We're having to isolate for two weeks because of possible coronavirus symptoms that have mostly cleared up and don't have me worried, but of course almost no one in England can get a test without paying privately (£99, something I just don't have). So we've got one child off school and another I can't see until a couple of weeks have passed. So when it's nighttime to try to cope I've found myself wanting to watch hateful films, what could be more appropriate than cannibal exploitation.

It's not really working but I've got a few more of these I want to watch. Maybe need to watch. Then back to something healthier. I wish anyone who reads this well, but I would advise against watching this film