Bend It Like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham ★★★½

Such an ✨iconic✨ (and I don’t use this word lightly), gummy-smile-inducing, culture-defining and re-defining, movie (only flaw is Jess & Jules didn’t become girlfriends—they deserved each other)!!!

I have a real soft spot for Bend It Like Beckham. It’s a vibrant, lovingly crafted tale abundant with footie, flowering friendships, goals & gobi and an exploration of Jess’s role in a traditional household, and the ways in which she balances a traditional (often stifling) life with her more “modern”, driven and determined aspirations.

Not much to say other than I come back to it every now & then and it never fails to soften the heart. It is the movie equivalent of a warm embrace.

PS. Don’t tell this to the Depop girlies, but Jule’s night club fit can be achieved by draping a bedazzled napkin over your bust. And voila! It’s a look. The very same one.

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