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  • Starman



    Besides Jack Sholder's The Hidden (1987), Carpenter's romantic sci-fi is the closest precedent to Twin Peaks. The moment that the Starman brings the dead deer back to life and Jenny watches it from the window accompanied by that beautiful music (which is not composed by Carpenter) gave me strong Roadhouse vibes.

  • Careless Crime

    Careless Crime


    Mokri is crazy about "big ideas" and this infatuation of his gets worse and worse with every film he makes and with each film, enduring his idiotic loops and mazes filled with shallow socio-political references becomes more and more impossible. This time, not just some cool-youths-to-be-slaughtered, but a 40-year history of a nation after revolution is stuck in the loop.

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  • The Man Who Knew Too Much

    The Man Who Knew Too Much


    Every time I see this American remake of Hitchcock's own film (made in UK in the 30's) I like it more. Very tense use of deep focus cinematography. The remake is superior to the UK version both in terms of mise-en-scene and screenplay. Not to mention how exquisite every actor looks.

  • Man of the West

    Man of the West


    This August, I watched seven Anthony Mann westerns. Today I saw the last one, Man of the West, and it became my most favorite of the seven films.
    Watching his westerns, especially The Man from Laramie and The Tin Star alongside Man of the West, one could argue that the way Antonioni uses a frame within a frame in his compositions, might have been very much influenced by Mann’s [western] films.