Ikiru ★★★★½

Was feeling a bit stressed today but this film put me at ease. Not saying it’s a particularly happy film, but a tranquil one. Wholesomely heartbreaking. Corruptly beautiful. Fantastic work from Kurosawa.

A man who only realizes the futility of his existence once he knows he’ll loose it. But as the viewer, when the realization sets in that we’re all going to loose it too is a heavy one. A film that asks some questions but doesn’t demand answers. A moment in time, a parable of loneliness, sadness, but an ambition to set things right.

‘Ikiru’ brought me down to a humbled reflectiveness that is hard to describe. Our protagonist, a disheartened old man, tries to bring change to his stagnant world. The city council is a static masthead of inaction. But when you learn a change will be coming, you feel inspired to change the sluggish world you’ll soon be leaving behind. After all, why even live to begin with?