The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

Every time I watch this movie I notice more things and enjoy it just that much more. The people you watch it with drastically changes how your viewing experience is. The first time I watched this movie was when I found a link online and a friend and I watched it, completely confused and amazed by what we’d found. Throughout the whole thing we just reacted extremely confused to everything, shouting “what the fuck” every three seconds and admiring the surrealism and confusing trance Jodorowksy has created. And now on my fourth watch I’m extremely familiar with much of the symbolism and meaning behind the film. This time I watched it with a group of friends who more appreciated the intense satire of humanity the film was presenting, than just being confused by the surrealism on display. No matter who or at what time in my life I’ve watched this, it’s always meant something different to me - but no matter what I’m always floored by the technical aspects and of course the beautifully woven vision that Jodorowksy conjures. Top shit.



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