Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Probably the most thoroughly embarrassing thing I've seen since Star Wars 9 came out. I came into this movie with only two hopes: That the tech would be fun and analog and that there would be some cool ghost mine action and sadly only about half of the first succeeds. (not a digital screen or related bullshit in sight and i like the silly mechanical car door arm but the other new stuff is just nothing) The production design is occasionally the only good thing in this, big colorful and goofy and I liked that there were at least semi-practical zools and the gozer outfit was great.

Genuinely the most insane way I've ever seen a reboot written, because while a lot of shit like this is just remaking the original anyway or etc I've never seen a movie, within the same chronology, repeat the plot verbatim without even changing the threat. Even the 2016 remake, your average unfunny studio comedy, slapped their own villain and etc onto the original movie lol. This thing is bonkers.

Also what an extraordinarily strange decision to decide that ghostbusters is whimsical amblin type stuff instead of a direct, dry, and funny movie about four schlubby assholes trying to make it in the big city with their new business and getting blowjobs from ghosts. Wistful nostalgia for something that only exists in the minds of people who were kids then. The tone of this is so strange and constantly playing original ghostbusters music doesn't fit it at all! This is not even a comedy, why are they playing the plucky strings comedy music from ghostbusters despite it feeling strange? The out of nowhere scene with the three paycheck grubbers is so strange too because while only one thing they say is funny their jokes and mannerisms are from a totally different type of movie. (genuinely maybe the only thing I chuckled at in the movie was bill murray's comment about the last name spengler because of the context) So much strange mystery and intrigue to the events of the past in this, despite the highly documented and widely known time when a giant behemoth destroyed parts of new york alongside ghosts as some weirdos apparently stopped it. I guess it all just passes into myth! The scientist girl doesn't even think ghosts are real despite enormous events in the largest city in the world that conclusively proved ghosts to be real 37 years ago! Someone didn't do their research!

Did they just leave podcast rotting in jail! Why is Paul Rudd doing a Will Ferrell impersonation! Why didn't they just hit the breaks on the car! Why did she call Dan Aykroyd without even a question or request! Why was [cameo] in this for genuinely five seconds!! Why did it end like that (x3)!!! Why did terrible marshmallow men spawn in! Why is the town completely deserted at 5pm! Why does a town that is deserted at 5pm have a drive-in burger restaurant with 15 roller skate-clad servers at any given time! Do they shimmy back up that stupid fire pole all three times they go down it but aren't seen going back up! Why did she say they were woke in 3000 BC!!! Why did she say "what didnt happen in 1945"!!!!! Why did she say he was bleeding because he headbutted a park bench when not only do I not think that didn't happen/happened hours earlier, he wasn't even bleeding! Why did they think this was a fitting tribute to Harold Ramis! Why did they cut Gregg Turkington as Muncher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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