Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★

Disclaimer this is really bad and lazy and is mostly complaining about one thing but I wrote most of it at work the day after watching and don't want to write much more so I'm done. Its great but I basically just complain about stuff here:

Almost perfect and I wish so bad it were, but too many annoyances and squanderings that make it kind of challenging.

First is the degree of fuck off retconning at the start of this. I get my beloved Paulie loves his ending on high note cliffhanger shit and it's fine but so much more than every other one in this series, the utter disregard for any even remote continuity with the last movie is just so lame. Why do you keep having these awesome setups and lead ins and then completely ignore it when making your next movie?? Its like rise of skywalker levels of scene scrubbing to ensure everyone understands the final minutes of retribution meant absolutely nothing. Even Alice's mothering of the little clone girl (one of her most compelling character threads in the whole series) is completely abandoned offscreen, with not a single line to what happened lmao.
I couldn't care less about plots "not making sense" or "being stupid" or etc, I just want them to have through lines, have emotion and intrigue, and be consistent with itself. There's a line in this series, which I love to death, that it dangerously treads over again and again.

The world is a complete dried up desert wasteland in this movie but then just isn't anymore? Yeah sure that's fine, it makes the plot of the one in the desert seem weird but its no biggie.

The movie is about tons of Milla clones being made and then saving them at the end to fight together against umbrella? But they are only the opening scene and then all die and are never heard from again?? Okay FINE it's your hook into the next one but you're still wasting that fun !!

Oh no! The gang is surrounded with many of the last of humanity on a ship! How will our heroes save them and escape? Oh actually they don't and the entire victory of the movie is hollow and everyone died except Alice (and Claire teleported one movie ahead)? This annoys me but they're so sequential and that's the obvious end result and the movie is the best of the series so far so whatever.

Here though its really too much with no silver lining. The entire plot outline and narrative hook for the movie is deleted in between them and we open a long time later, every character gone, every interesting thread destroyed, and exciting things like Alice getting her powers back were just pure lies. The most insane case of blueballing I've ever seen in a movie.

This is a disgusting tangent and I'm sorry but the point is this final movie has a couple things like the lead in that are narratively frustrating. Also a bizarre ticking clock that has no weight or understanding, so strangely amorphous and unrelated to anything, both in relation and its function as a countdown.

I also wish we had more time with Alicia and the Trinity of Bitches had more time to really come together at the end, because while its a good reveal and there is good stuff from it, it feels too important to be a five minute plot point. Also the most forgettable and unimportant cast of disposable characters imaginable, some of these movies have good gangs some have whatever, forgettable ones, but this is just embarrassingly nondescript cannon fodder

Otherwise though, this is amazing. High octane, ultra direct, lovingly made action. Wonderful thematic underpinnings that give this shit such an uplifting heart of gold. So much in the climax is ridiculously emotionally resonant, some really genius stuff. The most unbelievably kinetic and visceral editing ever, Doobie White you are a god and the world is truly not ready for you.

No gods no masters no fate no oppression be the bitch in the system

Unrelated: It does legitimately make me unbelievably sad though that Paul singlehandedly made a stuntwoman lose her arm. No ifs ands or buts Paul W.S. Anderson is the reason that woman is missing an arm for the rest of her life and can't work in her profession again. It wasn't something sinister like John Landis killing those kids, but such an unimaginably stupid and callous action from someone who should have had more respect pisses me off so fucking much. Anderson is clearly a super genuine person who cares a lot about people enjoying watching and making his movies, but to make such a disastrously dumb call makes me mad. Desperately hope he never lets anything like that happen again.

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