Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★★

Shockingly accomplished and so assuredly earnest. Impossible to overstate how insane it is that almost absolutely everything here, in a rough and unedited form, was just sitting around (needing hundreds and hundreds of vfx artist manhours ofc). The sheer level of cohesion is remarkable with only one noticeably (and PAINFULLY noticeably) bad bit of editing (the batmobile shooting down the tower and then coming to a screeching halt, cutting to it doing a sick drift, then cutting to it driving in reverse shooting out the front lol). The fact that they only filmed ONE scene and it was the fucking for teh lulz self indulgent "bye bye all of snyderverse" bonus scene is so incredible.

The only things I could really consider issues though are wishing for more character/things to do for aquaman, a less repetitive soundtrack (the stuff here is good ofc but it just keeps repeating the same stings per character (the wonder woman bit is shockingly egregious)), and as much less terrible jokey jokes as this has, and as much as it fits Flash being a dorky kid joking around, his fucking quips are so terrible it blows my mind they're still in. Complete "well THAT just happened" shit the entire way through.

Otherwise though this is such flawless capeshit that understands what's compelling about comic books. Snyder's unending empathy and drive to create moral inspirations shines as strong as ever. Utterly remarkable compositions that are constantly outclassing themselves. Incredible camerawork too that feels so depthful and full of vibrance. The shot where Lois opens the box and the camera climbs out of the box and moves forward through the scene is some of the most insane shit I've ever seen.

Made me so happy the whole way through. Probably the most I've ever loved a superhero movie, though if Batman V Superman didn't have its handful of tragic issues keeping it down it's thematic miracles would probably surpass this. Intoxicating stuff and I wish any other modern superhero move would have a fraction of its craft, sincerity, and ambition. Maybe the first movie to really capture the feeling of reading an entire and enveloping comic series in one sitting.

Also so many bits of this inexplicably made me super emotional and welling up but when the AFSP billboard appeared, for so many reasons, I really couldn't stop the tears.

I still love when Batman Ejectos Seato Cuz!

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