• Parallel Mothers

    Parallel Mothers


    Left a little cold despite often being very warm. Despite different threads this ends up feeling strangely tilted towards the nuclear family and blood being unquestionably the primary bond. This is of course tilted interestingly with familial heritage and history but also stretches to just plain genetic fretting and such idk what I'm saying or what the movie is saying. As already standard prestigey as this is (very strange for Almodovar) I almost would've preferred it continue in a more…

  • Angel Face

    Angel Face


    I might be stupid and inattentive but the first half of this was so indecipherable and boring it made me sick but the second half is so good it basically makes up for it.

  • Matador



    Shout out to movies about a gaggle of psychopaths falling in love with eachother gotta be one of my favorite microgenres.

  • Daughter of the Nile

    Daughter of the Nile


    Not only no Nile but no rivers of any kind. Clickbait. 👎👎

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    I love how they speak at the end like the twins in outlast it's awesome

  • Boomerang!



    The trial scenes are absurdly and kind of distractingly theatrical (esp in the guise of a true story) and there are lots of pieces thrown around without due engagement on them but this is nice and enjoyable and interesting. Kazan seems to really be ahead of the curve when it comes to systemic cynicism (at least in depicting it on film, he obviously is not making any grand and original observations on his own in the late 40s lol), and…

  • Shadow of a Doubt

    Shadow of a Doubt


    There's one scene in this that makes me want to give it 5/5 all on its own but it's not all quite that awesome. So funny and fiendish and delightful, absolutely oozing the macabre ironies and quirks Hitchcock loves. The contrived romance is the only thing I actively dislike, everything else is generally great but just doesn't have the full oomph at all times, especially the escalating final 25 minutes.

  • Pinky



    Independent of the obviously inexcusable casting this is remarkably good for the time when it comes to pride and autonomy outside of respectability politics and bare minimums. Justice and dignity being required, and the faux-progressives fragile half defenses being dragged as passively hateful. A lot of viciously and implicitly racist antagonism that isn't often shown this way in movies of the time, where there's clearly systemic and intrinsic vitriol and biases and not only bad apples. Still a bit unwieldy in all of its aspects but mostly very good with excellent performances too.
    Definitely "The poignant story of a girl who fell hopelessly in love!

  • Kagemusha



    Obviously there are so many, especially Kurosawa, who are gods at insane foreground/background shot staging but there are some absurdly audacious frames coordinated with movement a mile away that blow my mind. Absolutely mythic and towering, spiraling through places and people with reserved grandiosity until the moments it lights up like a christmas tree of haunting bloodshed.

  • Scream 3

    Scream 3


    This falls completely flat as a bizarre attempt at turning the iterative aspects of Scream into a """trilogy""" (bla bla bla iterative scream sequels are pointless etc we know this but this is next level bizarre) that pretends as though things are coming to a head when this entire movie is spun out of new plot threads, but manages to be absurdly captivating as a movie about running around [producer!] Harvey Weinstein's scooby doo haunted house being literally chased by [Redacted]

  • Casablanca



    Obv I love this movie but even with him/others being an allegorical stand-in I still don't like framing it as Rick's story when he's a borderline evil piece of shit, especially still being able to woo Ilsa purely by his nature of being. That's the point I know and his finally seeing reason and sticking his neck out is the drama I just still don't think he is worth his position in the story or Ilsa's life.

  • Sing a Bit of Harmony

    Sing a Bit of Harmony


    Almost embarrassing how much I loved watching this. Broadly simple in execution with plenty of rote elements wrapped in a confusing world message seemingly about the (specifically unchecked) proliferation of corporate AI management being kinda bad, but developing and evolving towards the AI consciousness singularity being good. But, then its also a cute and fun as hell modern-throwback kids on bikes movie about an awesome robot girl and her friends. Lots of really fun and subtle setups with strangely specific…