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  • November



    I was in the mood to watch something weird and this delivered 100%. Dark, folktale-esque with beautiful imagery, I didn't always understand what was happening but I loved it for that very reason. I would recommend this to everyone who loved The VVitch and The Lighthouse.

  • I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

    I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House


    Slow, atmospheric, lyrical and creepy, it reminded me of old classic horror tales of Edgar Allan Poe and his contemporaries. This is definitely a film you will either love or hate, and I loved it. But even I wouldn't have minded a bit more of a storyline.

  • Await Further Instructions

    Await Further Instructions

    A movie with this premise needs the characters to act believably at first, otherwise it won't work. Now here the characters didn't just act stupid, they acted absolutely INSANE from the very beginning!!! And I say that as someone who doesn't always mind stupid behavior in horror movies. Atrocious.

    Also, yes, I understood all the messages it was trying to beat me over the head with, and I even agree with most of them, but this was not it!

  • Starfish



    Extremely indie, slow-burn and fractured, but somehow I still liked it. Definitely not for everyone. It gave me a bit of Melancholia, Annihilation and Another Earth vibes.

  • The Silence

    The Silence


    This was supposedly shot before The Quiet Place and is based on a book, so I can't say it directly copies it, but the similarities are eerie. The main difference between the two is the quality. A movie (or book) that it does imho steal from is The Mist - completely unsuccessfully, though.

    The movie is boring at best - mind-numbing is more accurate. Dreadfull editing, questionable directing, plot either nonsensical or nonexistent and surprisingly little action or gore. The only saving grace is the acting (of the main trio).

  • A Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol


    A dark and gritty retelling of the classic story that not only adds some but also takes...a lot, actually. It was well done, except for pacing issues and a very unsatisfactory ending - not because it wasn't like the original, but because the story was changed so drastically that the original ending was impossible, yet we were offered nothing in its stead.

  • The Little Mermaid

    The Little Mermaid


    The Hallmark channel meets classic fairy tale... and the result is unfortunate

  • Would You Rather

    Would You Rather


    The formal aspects of the film are on par with a student film, the low budget really shows, especially in the beginning. The plot is entertaining enough but not revolutionary. Overall, an okay movie.

  • The Prodigy

    The Prodigy


    A completely average addition to the creepy/possessed kid subgenre. The child actor was quite good, though.

  • Unbelievable



    This show should have been called unbelievable and unsurprising. Everyone who follows the news knows that the reality of rape case handling is often much worse than any of this.
    *cough* Brock Turner *cough*
    The show itself is gripping and addictive, but the dialogue often does not lift off the paper the way it should and is stiff and formulaic. and the long-winded explanations of police procedures were unnecessary and so obviously aimed at the viewer that it was cringeworthy.
    Fortunately, the positives like good pacing, solid storytelling, fresh perspective, and even some great performances outweighed the negatives.

  • Three Wishes for Cinderella

    Three Wishes for Cinderella


    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never-the-same, totally unique, completely-not-ever-been-done-before.gif

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Definitely form over substance for the most part, but the form was so great from cinematography to performances that I had to give it four stars.