Before Midnight

Before Midnight

so i finally watched the last one. i even waited like 2 months between each movie to make the experience as authentic as possible and created a gap in time just like Jesse and Celine had. it's incredible, just like the other two. i love listening to their conversations, not just Jesse and Celine but all of them. the movie makes you feel like you're actually there, walking along the streets, listening as the couple behind you are deep in conversation or sitting at that dinner take, silent but intently listening to the stories being told. i wish i could have conversations like this. i hope i find people that interest me and challenge me and who i want to talk to, i don't really have much of that at the moment so taking part in their conversations, in a way, is nice. one of the many things i love about this trilogy is how authentic it feels. midnight doesn't bullshit or dabble around the truth, it just gives it to you straight. life sucks, nothing ends up like you thought it would and there's disappointment at every turn, but at least it's real and we have the chance to live it.

If you want love, then this is it. This is real life. It's not perfect but it's real.

this movie feels like Celine and Jesse are real and we're given a peak into their lives at 3 separate occasions with a 9 year gap. the time machine dialogue is amazing. the hotel room dialogue is amazing. all the dialogue is amazing. i hope Jesse and Celine work it out and just push through the shit show that is life, hopefully finding some happiness along the way.

Well, it must have been one hell of a night we're about to have.

a fantastic end to the best trilogy ever made. (before sunrise is still the best one tho)

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