Before Sunset

i watched it again back to back. it's just as perfect as the first one. the little movements and intricacies that made Jesse and Celine's connection feel all so beautiful and real in the first one are again perfected here. the optimism and hopefulness they once spoke with in their youths has been replaced by a deeper understanding of the world and themselves. their conversations changing from their dreams and beauty in the world to their regrets and it's atrocities, all the while remaining intriguing and captivating. the last 9 years turned them into realists but then they meet again, against all odds and it's like maybe it's ok to be optimistic too. i couldn't count the amount of times Jesse says "i'm just happy i'm here with you", like this is all he's been waiting for all this time and he can't believe it's actually happening and he's just trying to take it all in. the way he says "i know" at the end is like it all just hit him that this is real and he doesn't even care what happens next, only that he doesn't wanna regret losing her again. i'm just rambling at this point and i don't even know if i'm making any sense but the before movies really make me think and connect with the screen and that's one of the many, many things that i love about them, and i haven't even seen midnight yet. i think my favourite is still sunrise but that doesn't take away from this being another incredible cinematic achievement, i guess it just means i'm still an optimist.

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