The Handmaiden

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This review may contain spoilers.

“my saviour who came to ruin my life. my tamako, my sookee.”

while i definitely have mixed thoughts on the depiction of lesbian sex in this film, whether or not it verged on the edge of porn-like rather than a peek into real intmacy, i cant deny that there is a genuine and beautiful love story here. it made me physically recoil to think these two women would not end up together.

their love is explicitly shown throughout, it isnt merely hinted at or suggested and i respect that. i’m still used to gay love stories ending in tragedy or loneliness, perhaps being given a glimpse of hope as a treat. the men who insist on using these women for greed and lust end up dead, they do not get a happy ending or their means justified. its strange how i found this surprisingly too.

i mean, at the end of the day i love stories about love. call me a sap but i dont think movies need to be cynical to be good. sometimes the lovers do end up together and im so happy this was the story chosen to be told.

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