Candyman ★★★

There are certain moments in Candyman that are really frightening. The tension scènes all work and are unsettling. It's the way it was filmed. The way someone appears in the mirror in the background. It is subtle but very scary. The music is unsettling and just adds to the freaky tension. The kills are brutal and they should be. Some kills are filmed in a fantastic way but some seem to be a bit too "artistic". In an unnecessary way. The physical breakdown of a certain character is wonderfully terrible. You just feel the pain.

It's because of the moments that Candyman is memorable. However, as a whole, the film is unbalanced. And that's mainly because of the moments where nothing is happening. For some reason, the movie feels very long. Even though the film is only 90 minutes long. The first half hour is tough. It's too slow for it's own good. I get that you would want to built tension but there needs to be something lurking. I think the story is very good and it was a smart decision to follow in the footsteps of Halloween (2018). I have only seen the original so that was no problem for me. They follow the original up on a very good way.

So the story is good. Unfortunately, the movie seems to derail in the final act story wise. As if the studio needed a twist and an excuse to have a climax that comes out of nowhere. I do liked the actual ending. Just for it's coolness factor.

Candyman is not the horror savior it could have been. The movie is uneven to be considered great. And yet, the individual moments, overall atmosphere and acting are enough to make it still stand out.

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