Demons 2

Demons 2 ★½

Démoni had something not a lot of horror movies had. A strange mix of fantastic make up effects, gore and a lot of cheese in the most complementary way. It's one hell of an entertaining film. So I was looking forward to the second one a lot.

Démoni 2 is disappointing in every way. Everything Démoni was, Démoni 2 isn't. The setting of a flat could be interesting, but nothing is really done with it. Which is weird because there should be enough there. There was never an explanation for the events of the first except it was connected to a film. In this one, a Demon comes through the tv literally. It felt as a cheap excuse to make a second one because they couldn't come up with something better.

The demons themselves look decent. They looked better in the first. But the biggest drawback of them is the fact that they don't seem as dangerous as before. They did some nasty kills previously and here they just scratch people and that's it. Plus the main demon Sally just looks in the camera a lot without being threatening. They also seem to talk now which is strange. There are some cool transformations though including one of a dog. But like the movie itself, they have a cool thing going on like the dog, and then the dog just disappears.

Characters are still worthless. The worst aspect of the first film stayed the same in that sense. Démoni 2 is just disappointing on all fronts. It almost feels like someone else made this. Take away everything that worked from the previous one, and you get Démoni 2.

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