Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

Called Cash Truck in Holland appearantly. I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Wrath of Man is a better title without a doubt, but because it's called Cash Truck, I thought it would just be a simple movie about a Cash Truck.

Instead, this was so much more. I really liked this movie a lot. I don't want to get into spoilers, but this movie is about three movies in one. And the combination is surprising and it makes the movie memorable.

Guy Ritchie might be the most overrated and underrated director at the same time. At his best, he can deliver some entertaining films that are really timeless. At his worst, he seems to be not focused and the results are bad. Wrath of Man is one of his best since probably Rock'N Rolla. It's vintage Ritchie although a bit more serious. And it works. There is some funny dialogue here and there but this is a serious movie with serious consequences.

The seriousness of the film is something Ritchie doesn't do a lot. But he has a great feeling for it. The tension and sometimes downward spiral the characters make is awesome to watch. The music seems to be present at all time and just adds to the overal effect. I appreciate how Ritchie got the job done in showing almost every character (good or bad). Usually, the bad guys don't get this much screentime. But because we do, we understand them. It makes them more "human".

Ritchie also has a knack for getting every role right. From the smallest muscle man to the lead. Jason Statham has never been more stoic and dangerous. The mystery oozes from him and his past. And this might be one of his best performances. I don't really care about Josh Hartnett but he was pretty good. Same goes for Scott Eastwood. He should be cast more as a bad guy because this movie is proof he can pull it off. Jeffrey Donovan is great as usual and again, just perfect. And this goes for every crew and team in the film. Hell, the grey guy with the beard but dark eyebrows. It's a small role but he was cool as hell and believable in his limited screen time.

My only flaw with the movie is the climax. The action until that point is great and makes sense. In the climax, the excitement seems to be missing. Even though I know every party involved. It felt a little flat for me.

Wrath of Man was pretty amazing in my eyes. The combination of different genres and then Ritchie's touch just hits the spot for me. I have a huge soft spot for him and when he is on his best, it makes me root for him to continue doing his best.

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