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  • Deadfall



    Utter crap film that proves without a doubt that Christopher is the least talented member of the Coppola clan. But, and it's a big but, there is one glorious reason to watch this turd and that's for the Cagiest, ragiest performance of all-time from our acting 'national treasure', Mr. Nicolas Cage. Going from bizarre to bat-shit crazy in the blink of an eye, his 'performance' here, if you want to call it that, redefines ludicrous over-acting forever.

    Pitched somewhere between…

  • CB4



    Comes off like it's going to be the hip hop Spinal Tap but ends up being the longest and unfunniest In Living Color sketch ever.

    Chris Rock has never really become a movie star and his early starring role here certainly didn't get him off to a good start. The script is an unfocused mess that is neither clever nor amusing enough to be a decent satire. There are funny ideas and moments here but they don't add up to…

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  • Moonlight



    Don't believe the hype. Yes, it is important to tell the stories of marginalized people in this country, now more than ever, but that doesn't mean every film and every piece of art that does so deserves uncritical praise. The sheer existence of a film should not grant automatic reverence.

    Barry Jenkins is a talented filmmaker and, judging by some of his work here, he should have a long and fruitful career. But let's not pretend this film doesn't have…

  • Annihilation



    Giving this 4 stars more for its ambition than overall execution. That's not to say the film fails on any major level, but the script is quite uneven in parts and Garland sometimes falls back on telling instead of showing. The film works best when it focuses on mood and marinates in its strangeness and unease.

    Technically everything is quite brilliant, with Garland's expertly controlled visual style leading the way. The lucid dream-like world of the Shimmer is evoked with…