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  • Suspiria



    Quick take: This year's mother!? (Yikes)

    Quick take #2: I hated about 60% of this, liked about 20% of it, and don't know what to say about the other 20%.

    Final quick take: Guadagnino stridently grasps for profundity and turns a simple fairy tale horror story about dancing witches into a tedious art-house bore that feels more like a third year film student's labored master's thesis than a movie.

  • Halloween



    Superfluous reboot/sequel that brings back poor JLC for the 5th time to squeeze more blood from a stone. I'm flabbergasted as to how anyone can think this is anything more than just an adequate riff on Carpenter's masterpiece. I guess in 2018 an adequate riff on a hallowed franchise is the best we can hope for.

    Green has never been much of a visual director and while he does a satisfactory job aping some of Carpenter's work, he's got no…

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  • Moonlight



    Don't believe the hype. Yes, it is important to tell the stories of marginalized people in this country, now more than ever, but that doesn't mean every film and every piece of art that does so deserves uncritical praise. The sheer existence of a film should not grant automatic reverence.

    Barry Jenkins is a talented filmmaker and, judging by some of his work here, he should have a long and fruitful career. But let's not pretend this film doesn't have…

  • Annihilation



    Giving this 4 stars more for its ambition than overall execution. That's not to say the film fails on any major level, but the script is a bit wonky in parts and Garland too often falls back onto telling instead of showing. This is a movie that ends up being at its best when it focuses on mood and atmosphere, and allows itself to marinate in its strange unease.

    Technically everything is quite brilliant, with Garland's expertly controlled visual style…