Infinite Football ★★★★★

Reinventing the beautiful game?! In general, most of the time it's not even important what you are saying, but how and why you are saying it. Yet there's a certain rare magic in this storytelling/observational ability and chance to talk about one thing while you actually refer to a thousand more, consciously or not. Despite all troubles throughout his life, these are the never-ending words from a tireless man who would've sounded so sad in his inability to let go of his bad luck and missed opportunities, if he already wasn't simply... free, and actually forever looking forward to a future of changing via his grey past and present, paradoxically and very positively so. It's a rich and life-affirming conversational documentary on sports, politics, philosophy, spirituality, humanity. As a football fan and arts humanist, I found myself instantly charmed by the protagonist's quirky talkative complexity and the director's patiently masterful simplicity - it is for sure one of the finest examples in the grand Romanian cinema today.