Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★★

The very first time I watched it, it was back to back with Blue Velvet, which I revisited last night.

This is a film that made me fall in love with slow films. It is slow, but I never feel that it's slow, it's merely walking, pacing along, putting the pieces together.

What I always want to talk about is Harry Dean Stanton, that man was a gift. By now, I've seen him in a fair share of movies and he always offers some kind of comfort, so to say. No one could play silence like Stanton and I will miss him forever.

It is always interesting to me how Travis goes through practically all the stages of life in this film. Starting off mute, as if he were a baby, until muttering those famous words: "Paris", his first words. Then from that brief stage of boyhood he learns how to be a father until he ultimately reunites with Jane where he reminisces and talks like a man who is almost dying. Until the last shot of smiling and crying at the same time.

Another thing I noticed was that when both Travis and Jane monologue to each other, they have their backs turned to the glass. Former lovers opening their hearts to each other for perhaps the first time, speaking of their own shames.

Phenomenal film, one of my all time favourites, never fails to make me cry.

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