Tenet ★★★★★

I was really enjoying Tenet when suddenly a hand touched my shoulder. I turned around and saw Christopher Nolan sitting behind me. "Be not afraid" he said. He then asked my if I'm enjoying his latest kino. "Yes but I don't quite understand it." Then he cracked the back of my skull open and said: "Don't try to understand it, feel it." I felt something touch my brain and realised I was being mind fucked by kino god himself. My brain almost came. "Not yet" Nolan whispered. About 20 minutes later a twist happened and my brain violently ejaculated through my nose. "This is what true cinema feels like." said Nolan with a smug on his face. He then looked at his pocket watch and said: "Well, it's time to go. Cinephiles across the world need me. They need Tenet." He put his pocket watch back into his pocket and left.
What an experience!

Ok, I'm Sorry you had to read this but I couldn't resist writing something retarded. I'll probably review Tenet for real when I watch it again. I'm sorry for this I just had to.

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