Batman Begins ★★★★½

Bats frighten me. It's time my enemies shared my dread.

After hundreds of films that are either bad or somewhere in between, I'm always hitting a rock bottom. I feel drained. Spending my time with them always makes me question the love I have for movies. Each year, I feel these complications and the only way to heal them is by watching my favorite trilogy of all time. Important to add that Batman is my favorite superhero, but its no secret. Everyone who follows me and reads my reviews, they know. By the way, thank you for paying attention to my manuscripts. I've met some cool movie heads @letterboxd over four-year period. Crazy.

Batman Begins gives me a great start to pick myself up, feel motivated and realize that movies are the most beautiful thing. Christopher Nolan resurrected Batman and impacted the landscape of superhero genre like no other. Whether you like it or not. As for the film, its dark tone, amazing characters arc and the climax of the story is one to be reckoned with. Yet, Nolan finds a way to place humor that works perfectly with the giving circumstances and that aspect alone is an underrated one in his first attempt out of three. Cinematography, music score, sound editing, and sound design are truly remarkable.

I absolutely adore how Christian Bale's Batman looks here. A menacing vigilante having the balls to punch others, flies over the Gotham, jumps from the rooftops and injects fear into the most corrupt criminals. The last scene always hypes me, because...

When Gordon gives the Joker card to Batman... I know the real shit is about to go down!

4.5 (was 4.0)

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