Halloween ★★★½

The last couple of days people on letterbox have been freaks when it comes to horror films. I guess the Halloween is coming. Well, I decided to watch at least one film not because of Halloween, but because of Halloween by John Carpenter. In my tradition, Halloween is just a simple day. The only thing that could change that is if I would see a fucking Michael Myers stalking me down the street.

This film is probably the greatest example of how to make simple, but yet effective and entertaining horror/thriller. Sometimes all you need is a simple touch. First time seeing this version and I can't say it was full of suspense, but I enjoyed many things. Laurie's nerdiness, fantastic Lynda tits, and Michael Myers in coldest no emotion whatsoever Halloween mask that you will ever find. I guess that's about it for now.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and remember kids don't go to Myers house.

SCORE 70/100

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