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  • Circle



    This is fine, but honestly I'd just as rather put on a random episode of The Twilight Zone instead -- it'd be more entertaining and interesting.

  • White Chamber

    White Chamber


    I kind of have this self-imposed rule that I must finish the entire runtime of a movie - no matter how shit it may seem - so that I may fairly appraise it, as a complete piece of work. I can count on one hand the films that I have sat down to watch, and then abandoned mid-run.

    So yeah, this piece of shit broke me, and I turned it off halfway through.

    Fuck you, movie.

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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall


    I saw this in the cinema when it was released, late 2012. It was a blind date with a guy called Aaron: we had some dinner before and a chat and then went and watched the film. When we were walking out after it had finished, he told me he thought it was better than the original.

    I never saw him again.

  • Slow West

    Slow West


    A young man tries to escape the friend zone with disastrous results.