Death Proof

Death Proof ★★★★

Who says this is bad again?

Death Proof may be a little more style over substance than other Tarantino directed features, but it's still a wild and entertaining ride, filled with the rich dialogue exchanges so attributed to the idolized director. The first half of the film falls a bit flat, but the second split of the film makes up for it and probably has the most satisfying ending to a film I've seen in a long time.

Also, the final car chase scene is very convincingly done and is just brutally fucking awesome. You can tell they didn't just throw an actress on a car bonnet set piece and have a wind machine behind her, make her scream a bit to shove some CGI landscape in later. It's all real and moving and alive and adrenaline filled and it's thoroughly fantastic.

Not the best of Tarantino, but still a solid and exciting film.

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