Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★★

waking up to a voice or being not in fear but peaceful solitude, only you and him at the end of the world i see my therapist,,,, monday i think and she does not know the 75% of it, has convinced my parents that my suicidal episodes in previous years have been because i havent fit in due to autism and also said some weird shit about masculinity femininity war and transness, shes nice tho, but she never has and never will understand me beyond knowing meds arent that good, i do know however walks at morning and dusk and sleepless nights and stabbing the mirror and dealing with teachers triple my age but half anyones guess of what can even begin to be considered a reasonable view on life, schools where a teacher may actually reach someone only to cut off the conversation out of fear of being fired, my lovely girlfriend went to the same hs as richard kelly, her accounts match much of the film but Darko succeeds at not only hyper-specificity in its content but also universality, a wormhole opens in the sky, makes even its odd graphics nice with how it fits into its idiosyncratic rythm, as i read john keel and esoteric islamic philosophy ruminating on god with my girlfriends whom i love very much willing to turn back all time with them floating through the month marked only with a black placard of change, love love love

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